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Industrial Air Compressors

Rotary screw air compressors designed for reliability, durability and performance

When your operation depends on compressed air, reliability matters. Sullair offers a dynamic range of oil flooded industrial air compressors you can rely on at any step of your operation.

Every hour, minute and second counts

Sullair understands uptime is key to a successful manufacturing operation. That’s why we make reliable, high-quality and energy efficient air compressors durable enough to withstand constant operation with minimal downtime.

Features that count

  • Legendary Sullair Air End for durability
  • Designed for ease-of-use
  • Engineered for easy maintenance

Broad industrial compressor lineup

  • Power: 5 – 600 hp (4 – 450 kW)
  • Flow: 13 – 3000 cfm (.36 – 84.9 m³/min)
  • Pressure: 100 – 200 psi (7 – 13.8 bar)
  • TS Series
  • LS Series
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Energy Savings
  • Videos

Sullair TS Series

Sullair TS Series industrial air compressorsTS Series—The Most Efficient Sullair Ever

Expect big energy savings with the Sullair TS Series of Two-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors. Our engineers looked at increasing efficiency with an intense level of detail and it paid off.

  • Best-in-Class Efficiency*
  • Ease of Use & Ease of Service
  • Legendary Sullair Durability

Built on the platform of the Sullair LS Series of Single Stage Rotary Air Compressors—which completely changed the game and has been in high demand since 2017 — the Sullair TS Series takes the proven performance and revolutionary Sullair LS package design into two stage compression.

Learn more about the TS Series

*Based on current (March 2024) efficiency data published in accordance with the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) third-party verification program.

Sullair LS Series

Sullair LS90S industrial air compressorThe Ultimate Sullair Industrial Air Compressor

Designed for world-class efficiency, unprecedented ease of use and the legendary durability Sullair is known for.

  • Next generation air end designed to be the most efficient Sullair Air End ever
  • 10" Sullair Touch Screen Controller (STS) provides easy access to all key compressor performance parameters
  • Capacity control options:
    • Sullair Electronic Spiral Valve Technology: Proven Sullair Spiral Valve performance now with more precision and control to match capacity to system demand
    • Variable Speed Drive (VSD): Provides maximum energy efficiency and operating consistency by adjusting the speed of the motor to match compressed air supply needed
  • And more!

Learn more about the LS Series

Customer Industrial Success Stories

Customers share their stories of how Sullair Industrial air compressor solutions contribute to their success.

Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center (ISAIC)

ISAIC, a Detroit-based non-profit apparel manufacturer, uses compressed air as they pivot operations to help provide PPE to local hospitals.

Learn why ISAIC chose to partner with Sullair and Metropolitan Air Compressor.

Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center (ISAIC): Pivoting from Fighting Fast Fashion to Fighting COVID-19

Why Sullair? Because ISAIC needed a compressed air solution up to the task—and fast!

Download the ISAIC story (PDF)

Columbia Pulp

Columbia Pulp is North America’s first tree-free market pulp mill. They use compressed air to help turn waste products into value paper grade pulp.

Learn why Columbia Pulp chose to partner with Sullair and Northwest Pump.

Click here to see Columbia Pulp’s testimonial video

Customer Spotlight: Columbia Pulp

Why Sullair? Columbia Pulp runs their operation 24/7/365 so they need compressors designed for continuous operation and support they can count on!

Download the Columbia Pulp story (PDF)

Hawk Steel

Hawk Steel, Inc. is a scrap metal processing and recycling plant located in Kennedale, TX. This facility uses compressed air to sort out valuable metal from incoming scrap and to power their industrial shredder.

They have trusted Sullair and Air Power Sales & Service for more than 35 years and have no plans on stopping. Learn why.

Click here to see Hawk Steel's testimonial video!

Customer Spotlight: Hawk Steel, Inc.

Why Sullair? Compressed air is mission critical to Hawk Steel and they have enjoyed minimal downtime and quick service over the years.

Download the Hawk Steel story (PDF)

Curly’s Inc.

Curly’s Inc. specializes in the customization of motorcycles and hot rods.

The air compressor is a key piece of equipment in Curly’s garage. They use Sullair air power to power the cycle lifts, paint booth and tire machine.

Find out why they trust Sullair and CompressAir to help crank out the awesome customizations they’re known for.

Click here to see the Curly’s Inc. testimonial video!

Customer Spotlight: Curly's Inc.

Why Sullair? A quiet and reliable air compressor was at the top of Curly’s requirements when he built his new garage. Sullair fit the bill.

Download the Curly’s Inc. story (PDF)

Powering Energy Savings

Compressed air is widely considered the fourth utility. Used in more than 70% of manufacturing processes, your compressed air system represents a huge opportunity for energy savings¹. In fact, it is estimated poorly designed and maintained compressed air systems in the United States cost up to $3.2 billion in wasted energy costs each year².

Electricity represents more than 75% of the total costs of an industrial air compressor over its lifecycle³.

Increasing compressed air system efficiency is critical to help keep your operating costs low.

Sullair Helps Power Energy Savings

  • Capacity control options

    Sullair offers efficient capacity control options to help you only compress the air you need and none you don’t.

    • Sullair Electronic Spiral Valve Technology

      Spiral valve technology uses a variable capacity air end equipped with bypass ports along the length of the air end casting. Compression volume is varied to suit air demand by progressively opening or closing these bypass ports by means of a rotating spiral valve.

      Closed bypass ports mean 100% of air capacity is being compressed

      As the bypass ports open, less air is compressed

    • Variable Speed Drive (VSD): Provides maximum energy efficiency and operating consistency by adjusting the speed of the motor to match compressed air supply needed
  • Full system audits

    Sullair and our global network of Authorized Distributors can perform full system audits. These audits can help identify key performance parameters such as actual delivery to production, system reliability and quality of compressed air (ISO classes).

    Common areas audits identify for efficiency improvement include misuses of air, inefficient system setups and machines not properly sized for operations.

  • Heat recovery systems

    Compressed air generates heat and you can reuse it for other functions in your operation such as make-up air or to heat your facility. This can result in significant energy savings.

  • Regular maintenance and monitoring of equipment

    Many Sullair air compressors are equipped with AirLinx® Remote Monitoring. This allows you to easily monitor your compressor from any connected device.

    Also, Sullair Authorized Distributors are true compressor experts. They are ready to provide quick and easy service and maintenance which helps keep your compressed air system operating at optimum efficiency.


¹ Ochoa, R. Using ISO 8573-1 to Test Compressed Air: Clearing the Confusion. Compressed Air Best Practices. Retrieved from: confusion#:~:text=In%20many%20applications%2C%20compressed%20air%20is%20used%20from,may%20impact%20product%20quality%20to%20general%20%E2%80%9Cshop%E2%80%9D%20uses

² Working with Compressed Air. Benefits: Environmental. Compressed Air & Gas Institute. Retrieved from:!prettyPhoto

³ Determine the Cost of Compressed Air for Your Plant. Energy tips sheet, U.S. Department of Energy, December 2000


Learn what’s behind the reliability and durability of Sullair industrial compressor solutions.

Featured Industrial Compressors

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TS Assortment

TS Series Industrial Compressors

984 - 2033 cfm
27.9 - 57.6 m³/min
250 - 350 hp
190 - 260 kW
100 - 200 psi
7 - 13.8 bar
LS110, LS160, LS260 compressors

LS Series Industrial Compressors

459 – 1875 cfm
13.0 – 53.1 m³/min
125 – 350 hp
90 – 260 kW
100 – 200 psi
7.0 – 13.8 bar
Sullair SN75V industrial rotary screw air compressor

SN Series Industrial Compressors

277 - 500 cfm
7.84 - 14.16 m³/min
75 - 100 hp
55 - 75 kW
100 - 175 psi
7 - 12 bar

ES-6 S-energy® Industrial Compressors

13 – 36 cfm
.36-1.01 m³/min
5 – 10 hp
3.7 – 7.4 kW
125 – 175 psi
9 - 12 bar
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