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TS Series Industrial Compressors


Expect big energy savings with Sullair TS Series Two-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors. Our engineers looked at increasing efficiency with an intense level of detail and it paid off.

  • Best-in-Class Efficiency*
  • Ease of Use & Ease of Service  
  • Legendary Sullair Durability

Built on the platform of Sullair LS Series Single Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors—which completely changed the game and has been in high demand since 2017 — the Sullair TS Series takes the proven performance and revolutionary Sullair LS package design into two stage compression.

* Based on current (March 2024) efficiency data published in accordance with the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) third-party verification program.

Models vary by region. Please contact your Sullair sales representative for more details.

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TS Assortment


984 - 2033 cfm
27.9 - 57.6 m³/min


100 - 200 psi
7 - 13.8 bar


250 - 350 hp
190 - 260 kW

Features & Benefits

  • Two-Stage Air End
    The most efficient Sullair Two-Stage Air End EVER
    • Innovative over/under design with integrated gearbox
    • Patent-pending interstage cooling for increased efficiency and low pressure drop
    • Lighter and more compact
    • Optimized gearing for maximum efficiency
    • Casting featuring internally ported lubricant passages
    • Asymmetrical rotors designed, engineered and
      manufactured in the USA
    • High-efficiency bearings in first and second stage
  • Sullair OptimalAir® Air Filter
    • High-efficiency/heavy-duty inlet filter holds up to five times more contaminant than conventional cellulose filters
    • Cleaner intake air keeps fluid clean and extends component life
    • 99.9% efficiency per ISO 5011
  • Sullair Air-Fluid Separator
    • Designed for low pressure drop, reducing energy requirements
    • High-efficiency media maximizes oil removal from compressed air
    • Low carryover (<2ppm) means fewer lubricant top-offs needed
    • ASME and CRN approved
  • Cooling System
    • Heavy-duty, oversized cooling system designed for 46°C (115°F) applications
    • Dual TEFC fan motors with VSD to help maintain stable discharge temperature—increasing efficiency
    • Easy-clean access panels designed in the package
    • Separate oil cooler and aftercooler reduces imbalanced temperature loads
  • Motor
    • Super Premium Efficiency (IE4) TEFC motors
      Standard on Fixed Speed and Electronic Spiral Valve models
    • Premium Efficiency (IE3) TEFC motors
      Standard on VSD models
    • Heavy-duty, slow running 1800 rpm design
    • Extended life when compared to higher RPM motors
    • 104°F (40°C) ambient motor temperature rating
    • Class F insulation, Class B rise for higher temperature operation
  • Genuine Sullube® Factory Fill
    • Non-varnishing fluid protects and cleans your compressor
    • Polyglycol base provides optimal viscosity and helps optimize operating temperatures
  • Enhanced Sullair Touch Screen (STS) Controller
    • 10˝ color screen for easy viewing and intuitive operation
    • Menu-driven screens offer easy access to compressor controls
    • Integrated graphing and trending to analyze compressor performance
    • Sequencing up to 16 compressors
  • AirLinx® Remote Monitoring
    • Connect anywhere to keep an eye on compressor operation, and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime
    • Monitor pressure, temperature, running hours and service hours
    • Alerts for service and warnings
    • Data stored at 15-minute intervals
    • Customizable reporting, from Basic to Advanced
    • Real-time information through cellular connection
  • Wye-Delta starter 
  • Zero loss drain 
  • Phase monitor 
  • Enclosure with hinged panels
    • Easily removable for service
  • Standard full base frame
    • Helps keep dust and debris out of the unit   
  • 10-Year Diamond Warranty*

*Maintaining the Sullair 10-Year Diamond Warranty requires using Genuine Sullair parts, Sullube®, and participation in the oil sampling program. Restrictions apply.



  • Capacity control options
    • Sullair Electronic Spiral Valve Technology
      • Offers precision and control to match capacity to system demand
    • Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
      • Provides maximum energy efficiency and operating consistency by adjusting the speed of the motor to match compressed air supply needed  
  • PristineFG™ food grade compressor fluid
  • Open enclosure
  • VSD starter/NEMA 12 starter Box 
  • Water cooled
  • High ambient package (131˚F, 55˚C)
  • Weather hood
  • High static package
  • Control box heater
  • Frost-free trap heater

Models & Specs

  • TS190—250 hp (190 kW),  994 to 1457 cfm (28.2 to 41.3 m³/min), 100 to 200 psi (7.0 to 13.8 bar)
  • TS190S—250 hp (190 kW),  984 to 1443 cfm (27.9 to 40.9 m³/min), 100 to 200 psi (7.0 to 13.8 bar)
  • TS190V—250 hp (190 kW),  994 to 1457 cfm (28.2 to 41.3 m³/min), 100 to 200 psi (7.0 to 13.8 bar)
  • TS220—300 hp (220 kW),  1219 to 1753 cfm (34.5 to 49.6 m³/min), 100 to 200 psi (7.0 to 13.8 bar)
  • TS220S—300 hp (220 kW),  1207 to 1735 cfm (34.2 to 49.1 m³/min), 100 to 200 psi (7.0 to 13.8 bar)
  • TS220V—300 hp (220 kW),  1219 to 1753 cfm (34.5 to 49.6 m³/min), 100 to 200 psi (7.0 to 13.8 bar)
  • TS260—350 hp (260 kW),  1467 to 2033 cfm (41.3 to 57.6 m³/min), 100 to 200 psi (7.0 to 13.8 bar)
  • TS260S—350 hp (260 kW),  1443 to 2013 cfm (40.9 to 57 m³/min), 100 to 200 psi (7.0 to 13.8 bar)
  • TS260V—350 hp (260 kW),  1467 to 2033 cfm (41.3 to 57.6 m³/min, 100 to 200 psi (7.0 to 13.8 bar)


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