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ES-6 S-energy® Industrial Compressors


Sullair ES-6 S-energy® encapsulated compressors utilize design simplicity to provide exceptional reliability and extremely low maintenance. 

  • Reliable Sullair Air End  
  • Simple, compact design–40% fewer parts than conventional models
  • Lower maintenance costs 

Models vary by region. Please contact your Sullair sales representative for more details.

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13 – 36 cfm
.36-1.01 m³/min


125 – 175 psi
9 - 12 bar


5 – 10 hp
3.7 – 7.4 kW

Features & Benefits

Superior Package Design 

  • 40% fewer parts improve reliability
  • Small footprint
  • Designed for continuous duty

Reliable Sullair Air End 

  • Patented E-profile rotor design
  • Longer bearing life

Helical Design Drive Gears

  • Reduces thrust load
  • Increases bearing life

Bearing Fluid Reservoirs 

  • Ensures fluid is available at start-up
  • Extends air end life 

Flange-Mounted Motor and Air End

  • Provides positive alignment
  • Optimizes bearing life of air end and motor
  • Motor enclosure is Totally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO)
  • Available voltages include 200V, 230V, 460V and 575V

Factory filled with biodegradable Genuine Sullube® 

  • Protects and cleans (no varnish)
  • Controls operating temperatures
  • Optimal viscosity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces fluid loss
  • High flash point (263˚C)

10- Year Diamond Warranty*

*Maintaining the Sullair 10-Year Diamond Warranty requires using Genuine Sullair parts, Sullube®, and participation in the oil sampling program. Restrictions apply.



Optional Sound Enclosure

  • Reduces sound levels to 68 dBA
  • Lift out doors


  • Meets USDA and FDA H1 requirements
  • Reduces lubricant consumption
  • Performs in wide temperature range
  • Extends compressor life

Performance Air System 

  • Receiver tank
  • Matched compressed air dryer 
  • High efficiency filter 

Models & Specs

Available models

  • 5H—5 hp (3.7 kW), 17 acfm (.48 m³/min), 125 (9 bar)
  • 5XH—5 hp (3.7 kW), 13 acfm (.36 m³/min), 175 (12 bar)
  • 7.5H—7.5 hp (5.5 kW), 28 acfm (.79 m³/min), 125 (9 bar)
  • 7.5XH—7.5 hp (5.5 kW), 20 acfm (.56 m³/min), 175 (12 bar)
  • 10H—10 hp (7.4 kW), 36 acfm (1.01 m³/min), 125 (9 bar)
  • 10XH—10 hp (7.4 kW), 30 acfm (.84 m³/min), 175 (12 bar)


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