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Portable Diesel Air Compressors

Sullair compressors are built to spend days on end doing the dirty work — from the smallest projects to the biggest jobs and everything in between. We offer a range of portable diesel air compressors from 185 to 1600 cfm at 100 to 500 psi.

Our range of compressors is designed to cover nearly every application, from construction and infrastructure, to landscaping and oil and gas, to plant backup air, among others. Customers worldwide depend on Sullair air compressors on the jobsite everyday – and for good reason. All of our compressors are manufactured with Reliability, Durability and Performance in mind – our brand promise. Meaning our compressors have your back, work as hard as you and are in it for the long haul.

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Construction Benefits

A Sullair 185 portable diesel air compressor on a construction job site

From the smallest jobs to the biggest projects, Sullair  portable diesel air compressor  get the job done – whether construction, winterizing irrigation systems or performing utility work, among many other applications.

Sullair portable air compressors provide you with:

  1. Long Runtimes – With improved fuel efficiency for up to 10 hours of runtime, there’s no need to stop midday to refuel. Sullair portable diesel air compressors are ready to put in a full day of work, just like you.
  2. Easy Serviceability – Serviceability is key in how we design our equipment. Many Sullair portable air compressors now include doors on all four sides, making access to key components quick and easy. We realize there’s no time for downtime.
  3. Easy Maneuverability  – Sullair compressors feature a compact design for easier maneuverability – whether on the jobsite or behind a truck.
  4. An Intuitive Controller  – Our controller, which is on the curbside to help keep the operator safe, features an LCD graphic display showing all key machine operating parameters. Quickly and easily understand the status of your compressor.
  5. Renowned Sullair Air End – At the heart of the compressors is a Sullair air end, continuing the tradition of reliable durability. A reputation we’ve built over the past 55 years, meaning you can rely on your compressor, day in and day out.

Rental Benefits



Sullair 185 portable deisel air compressor being towed by a pickup

We offer a full arsenal of elite compressors — from the workhorse 185 to the versatile 375 family and big air 1600H — helping you satisfy more customer demand.

With Sullair compressors, you get:

  1. Flexibility for Higher Utilization – Shift from low to high pressure with the turn of a switch – meaning the same one compressor can be rented for multiple applications. This flexibility helps drive improved ROI through increased utilization rates and a more consolidated fleet.
  2. Easy Serviceability – Serviceability is key in how we design our equipment. Many of our portable air compressors now include doors on all four sides, making access quick and easy. We know time is money in the rental business.
  3. Easy Interface – With a new renter or machine operator potentially every day, an easy-to-use control panel is essential. We provide enough operating parameters without burdening rental companies with the need to provide extra training to renters.
  4. Multiple Engine Options – Our range of portable compressors includes multiple engine options: Caterpillar, Kubota and Perkins.
  5. Reliability, Day In and Day Out – If the compressor doesn’t start, nothing else matters. Reliability is one of the Sullair pillars since Day One. You can depend on your Sullair compressor to run, day in and day out, for years to come.


Learn what's behind the reliability and durability of Sullair portable diesel air compressors, take a look at a 185 Tier 4 Final in action, and explore the Sullair REMAN program.

Featured Portable Compressors

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185 Tier 4 Final

185 Series T4F Portable Diesel Compressors

185 cfm
5.2 m³/min
49 hp
36.5 kW
100 psi
7 bar
Mid-Range Compressor Series

Mid-Range Series T4F Portable Diesel Compressors

800 – 1100 cfm
22.7 – 33.1 m³/min
302 hp
225 kW
100 – 200 psi
7 – 13.8 bar
375 Series

375 Series T4F Portable Diesel Compressors

375 – 425 cfm
10.6 – 12 m³/min
122 – 157 hp
91 – 117 kW
150 – 200 psi
10.3 – 13.8 bar
1600H T4F

1600H T4F Portable Diesel Rotary Screw Compressor

1600 cfm
45.3 m³/min
540 hp
403 kW
80 – 150 psi
5.5 – 10.3 bar
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