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Sullair Launches New Certified RECON Program

By Sullair - Released on May 23, 2016

Sullair, an industry leader in innovative compressed air solutions since 1965, today announced the launch of its brand new Certified RECON program for its large portable air compressors. Under the reconditioning program, customers can turn in their used compressor—750 to 1600 cfm models from 2004-2012—and within 6-to-8 weeks, Sullair will refurbish it to whatever specification is requested.

The RECON program will offer companies a hassle-free way to maintain their equipment and keep it running at maximum efficiency. Over the past year, Sullair has successfully been testing the program with a pilot company.

The RECON program allows customers to send in their machine to Sullair and specify exactly what work they’d like done. The customer then receives the same machine back in 6-to-8 weeks with warranties on only what has been replaced. This differs from the Certified REMAN program, where the customer receives a like-new machine with a like-new warranty. The customer sends in their old core and receives a machine that has been fully remanufactured to the latest factory revisions with no waiting time.

“This program was truly designed with the end user in mind,” said Rebecca O’Mara, business leader, after sales and support for Sullair. “Not only does it provide cost savings over time, but it also allows the customer to customize the compressors to meet their unique requirements.”

The addition of the Sullair Certified RECON program now allows Sullair customers to meet their compressor needs through four different avenues: purchasing a remanufactured model; reconditioning their current fleet; and renting or buying brand new from a Sullair distributor.

To learn more about the Sullair Certified RECON program, visit or contact your local Sullair distributor.

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