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Reman Program Rolls Out 1,000th Remanufactured Air Compressor

By Stephanie Roberts - Released on March 5, 2019
Sullair 1,000th reman compressor

The Sullair Certified Reman Program rolled out the 1,000th remanufactured compressor on January 25th. Sullair partnered with Springfield Manufacturing Corp. in March 2013 and has progressively grown its remanufactured compressors since that time.

The remanufacturing process used by Sullair and SRC fully disassembles the air compressors. The components are cleaned, reclaimed to meet Sullair specifications or replaced with new, all while updating the units to the latest engineering designs prior to being put back in stock.

Sullair and SRC will celebrate the 1,000th Reman compressor milestone with a special “midnight edition” which was presented to the customer. 

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