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OFD1550 T3 Oil Free Portable Diesel Rotary Screw Compressor


The Sullair OFD1550 Tier 3 air compressor is built for long-lasting performance and brings Class 0 Oil Free Air directly where it is needed — plantside, refineryside — and jobsite!

The OFD1550 provides Class 0 Oil Free Air in a package designed for both short-term and longer-term usage and key features including:

  • State-of-the-art 7˝color Sullair Touch Screen Controller (STS)
  • Ability to operate in temperatures ranging from 20°F to 125°F (-7°C to 52°C)
  • High altitude capability (up to 12,000 ft/3657 m above sea level)

Models vary by region. Please contact your Sullair sales representative for more details.

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OFD1550 Tier 3


1550 cfm
43.89 m³/min


125 psi
8.6 bar


540 hp
397 kW

Features & Benefits

Proven and Durable Package

  • Legendary Sullair Dry Screw Two-Stage Air End featuring:
    • High efficiency asymmetrical profile rotors
      • Coated with FDA-approved food-grade PTFE to resist corrosion
      • Timing gear controlled rotor clearances for extended rotor life
      • High-precision bearings with consistent lubrication for improved machine life
  • 110% fluid containment frame
  • Galvannealed steel enclosure
  • Multiple lockable service doors provide easy access to virtually all service items

Powerful Caterpillar C15 Tier 3 Diesel Engine

  • Also Available: Perkins 2506D-E15TA Tier 3 Engine

1550 cfm at 125 psi with adjustable pressure from 75 to 150 psi (5.2 to 10.3 bar)

Compact Design

  • Site-towable with steerable front axle
    • Foam filled tires cover even rough terrain and never go flat
  • Forklift pockets standard for ease of transport
  • Lift bail provides fixed point for overhead lifting
  • Pivoting drawbar allows two-machine loadability on standard flatbed semi trailer

Optimum Performance

  • Innovative package design for excellent air flow
  • Engineered to provide maximum cooling efficiency
  • Patent-pending hydraulically actuated inlet valve specifically designed to operate even in extreme temperatures

Ready for Jobsite and Extended Duty Uses

  • 250-gallon onboard fuel system provides 10-hours plus runtime
  • Easy-operation valve to connect an external fuel source for extended duty runtime
  • Two-step gear box for optimized pressure ratios and optimal fuel efficiency

7" Color Sullair Touch Screen Controller

  • In-depth compressor and engine performance information on demand
  • Rugged touch screen works even when wearing gloves
  • User access passcode
  • Engine jog feature for extended storage periods

AirLinx® — a Telematics Solution Providing:

  • GPS to keep track of your units via Internet-connected devices
  • Fleet management
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities


  • Refinery Package
    • Including spark arrestor, anti-static belts, non-metallic fan and engine air shut off valve
  • Cold Weather Package down to -20°F /-29°C
    • Including battery heater, block heater, compressor sump heater, water trap heater, condensate trace heater and ether
    • Voltage options available:
      • 120V International IEC6309 connections
      • 240V International IEC6309 connections
  • Aftercooler shutter with adjustable discharge air temperature

Models & Specs


  • Actual Delivery cfm (m³/min): 1550 (43.89)
  • Rated Pressure psi (bar): 125 (8.6) 
  • Pressure Range, max/min psi (bar): 150 (10.3) / 75 (5.2)
  • Service Valves, main/auxiliary: 1 (3" NPT) / 1 (.75" NPT) 
  • Operating Ambient Temperature, max/min °F (°C): 125 / 20 (52/-7)
  • Maximum Operating Altitude ft (m): 12,000 (3657)
  • Fuel Consumption Full Load at 125 psi gal/h (l/h): 24.3 (92)
  • Comp. Discharge Shutdown Temperature °F (°C): 450 (232)
  • Maximum Operating Tilt: 15°
  • Sound Level @ 7 meters dbA: 83.7

Weights & Dimensions


  • Working weight lbs (kg): 21,640 (9816)
  • Dry weight lbs (kg): 18,825 (8539)
  • Length in (mm): 251 (6375)
  • Width in (mm): 88 (2235)
  • Height in (mm): 101 (2565)


  • Make (Emissions Level): Caterpillar C15 (T3) | Perkins 2506D-E15TA (T3)
  • Displacement in³ (l): 927 (15.2)
  • Cylinders: 6
  • Bore x Stroke in (mm): 5.4 x 6.75 (137 x 171.4)
  • Operating Speed rpm: 2100
  • Available power hp (kW): 540 (397)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity gal (l):& 250 (946)


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