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S-energy® 1100e – 1800e Industrial Compressors

S-energy® compressors offer Sullair reliability in the most compact, most robust, most maintenance-friendly and quietest compressor package available on the market.

Multiple features of the S-energy Series revolutionize the compressor’s serviceability and provide for a cleaner, safer work environment and cost effective compressor. Standard maintenance can all be performed from one side.

Models vary by region. Please contact your Sullair sales representative for more details.

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S-energy® 1100e – 1800e Encapsulated Rotary Screw Air Compressors


43.7 – 107.8 cfm
1.24-3.05 m³/min


100 – 175 psi
6.0-12.1 bar


15 – 25 hp
11 – 18 kW


  • Available models:
    • 1100e—15 hp (11 kW), 43.7 to 68.5 acfm (1.24 to 1.94 m3/min), 100 to 175 psig (6.9 to 12.1 bar)
    • 1100eV—15 hp (11 kW) Variable Speed Drive (VSD), 46.4 to 69.2 acfm (1.31 to 1.96 m3/min), 100 to 175 psig (6.9 to 12.1 bar)
    • 1500e—20 hp (15 kW), 61.5 to 79.2 acfm (1.74 to 2.24 m3/min), 125 to 175 psig (8.6 to 12.1 bar)
    • 1500eV—20 hp (15 kW) Variable Speed Drive (VSD), 64.8 to 90.9 acfm (1.83 to 2.57 m3/min), 100 to 175 psig (6.9 to 12.1 bar)
    • 1800e—25 hp (18 kW), 78.6 to 99.3 acfm (2.23 to 2.81 m3/min), 125 to 175 psig (8.6 to 12.1 bar)
    • 1800eV—25 hp (18 kW) Variable Speed Drive (VSD), 81.3 to 107.8 acfm (2.30 to 3.05 m3/min), 100 to 175 psig (6.9 to 12.1 bar)
  • Low-noise fan helps reduce the machine’s noise level to as low as 66 dBA
  • Fully-sealed environmental protection pan contains fluid should any drips occur while servicing
  • Coreless fluid filter with non-metallic design can either be incinerated or crushed, virtually eliminating disposal issues


  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor (TEFC)
  • Total package filtration*
  • Low life cycle costs including long-life bearings, rotors, and consumable parts
  • Less than 2 ppm fluid carryover
  • Excellent motor cooling design characteristics for longer motor life
  • Sequencing standard
  • NEMA 4
  • WS Controller™ microprocessor standard
  • Smallest footprint in its class
  • Quietest in its class, as low as 66 dBA
  • Numerous unique service features
  • Environmental, health, and safety design features
  • Sullube®—non-varnishing, biodegradable compressor fluid
  • Optimalair® air filter provides ten times better filtration than other filters

*Variable speed drive models only


  • Cold weather package**
  • Weather hood**
  • Total package filtration**
  • Other motors and starters**

**Constant speed drive models only


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