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Motor/Engine Power
hp (kW)
cfm (m³/min)
psi (bar)
Sullair DBP1000 desiccant regenerative blower purge dryer

DBP Series Desiccant Regenerative Blower Purge Dryers

500 – 10,000 cfm
230 psi
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Sullair FHP Series high pressure NPT filters

FHP Series High Pressure NPT Filters

60 – 1750 cfm
725 psi
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SP7 Oil Water Separator

5-200+ hp
3.7 - 149+ kW
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Dryer collage

Refrigerated Dryers

20 – 30,000 cfm
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Sullair FX Series standard NPT filters

FX Series Standard NPT Filters

25 – 1600 cfm
290 psi
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Sullair FW Series flange filters

FW Series Flange Filters

1500 – 12,400 cfm
200 psi
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Sullair Mist Eliminator

ELM Series Mist Eliminators

150 – 12,000 cfm
200 psi
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Sullair SP Series oil/water separators

SP Series Oil/Water Separators

20 – 3000 cfm
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The Ultra—zero air loss drain from Sullair

The Ultra—Zero Air Loss Drain

3600 cfm
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The Mini—zero air loss drain from Sullair

The Mini—Zero Air Loss Drain

Unlimited cfm
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Sullair timed solenoid drain

Timed Solenoid Drain

300 psi
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Sullair DMD20 desiccant modular dryer

DMD Series Desiccant Modular Dryers

3 – 240 cfm
230 psi
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