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Oil Free Air Compressors

When your operation requires clean air, Sullair has Class 0 Certified Oil Free compressed air solutions. From scroll to rotary screw to centrifugal, the Sullair Oil Free portfolio is available in powers from 2 – 30,000 hp and pressures from 15 – 725 psi, providing options to meet your specific application need.

From pharmaceutical, food and beverage and life sciences to packaging, automotive and electronics and many industries in between, a reliable source of compressed air is vital. The Sullair legacy has been built on its history of reliable and durable compressors. And now, Sullair compressors — backed by Hitachi engineering — are available with unprecedented performance to help ensure your operations stay up and running.

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Oil Free Success Stories

Customers share their stories of how Sullair Oil Free compressor solutions contribute to their success.

ITO EN Australia

ITO EN, a world-leading Japanese manufacturer of green tea and healthy beverages, has a legion of devout customers. When they opened a new manufacturing facility in Australia, they required a compressed air system up to the task. Learn why ITO EN chose Sullair.

ITO EN Enjoys Peace of Mind and Safety with Sullair Oil Free Compressed Air System

Why Sullair? Because our solution allowed ITO EN to mitigate the risk of any air system failing

Download the ITO EN Australia story (PDF)

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation

In the fight against COVID-19, Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation is providing an important weapon. Producing the majority of inhalation solutions used in the United States, many Americans depend on the West Columbia, SC-based pharmaceutical company – whether they realize it or not.

“Compressed air is vital to us,” said Nephron’s corporate affairs team. “Without it, most of our machines would not be able to operate.”

Increasing Production in the COVID-19 Battle While Decreasing Utility Costs and Downtime

Why Sullair? Because of the proven reliability and durability.

Download the Nephron Pharmaceuticals story (PDF)

Signature Brands

What could be sweeter than sprinkles, icings, gels and other confectionery products? Aside from the cakes, cupcakes, donuts and other treats on which these confections are placed, Signature Brands, LLC could argue dependable, worry-free operations. That’s why the company relies on Sullair oil free compressors to keep their operations going, day in and day out.

“Sullair is our compressor of choice,” said Tim Hudgens, Maintenance Manager at Signature Brands.

Sullair Oil Free Compressors are a Sweet Addition to Signature Brands Business

Why Sullair? Because of the proven reliability and durability.

Download the Signature Brands story (PDF)


Learn what’s behind the reliability and durability of Sullair Oil Free compressor solutions.

Featured Oil Free Products

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DSP 90

DSP Series Oil Free Air Compressors

117 - 1303 cfm
3.3 - 36.9 m³/min
30 - 300 hp
22 - 240 kW
125 psi
8.6 bar
SRL 16 Ghosted

SRL Series Oil Free Scroll Compressors

5.7 - 129.3 cfm
.16 - 3.66 m³/min
2 - 44 hp
1.5 - 33 kW
120 - 145 psi
8.3 - 10 bar
TRX centrifugal air compressor

T-series Oil Free Industrial Centrifugal Compressors

1050 – 11,750 cfm
29.7-332.8 m³/min
275 – 1750 hp
210 - 1305 kW
30 – 230 psi
2.1-15.9 bar

OFD1550 T4F Oil Free Portable Diesel Rotary Screw Compressor

1550 cfm
43.89 m³/min
500 hp
373 kW
125 psi
8.62 bar
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