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REMAN Air End Exchange

When your compressor's production life has come to an end, it’s time to consider a replacement—and Sullair Certified REMAN Air End program.


With the cost of compressor fluids these days, the goal of any compressor manufacturer is using an air/oil separator that keeps this fluid in the compressor.  The Sullair Optimizer™ separators are all designed with extreme low carryover in mind.

Fluid Analysis - A Health Check for Air Compressors

How healthy is your air compressor?  Have you done a fluid analysis check lately?  With the Sullair comprehensive fluid analysis program, you can eliminate the guesswork when it comes to the health of your equipment and fluid.

HPL 1500

HPL 1500 is a fluid in the Sullair family of fluids designed specifically for high pressure (300 – 500 psig) portable compressors.


SRF1/4000™ is a highly refined, hydro-treated petroleum base fluid designed for the one year or 4000 hours of operation. It is currently the factory fill for all Sullair rotary screw vacuum systems.


AWF™, which stands for “All Weather Fluid”, is one of the only fluids in the industry formulated specifically for use in portable air compressors.

PristineFG™ Food Grade

PristineFG™ is Sullair food grade lubricant designed to significantly outperform other food grade fluids in the market. It currently meets incidental contact approval requirements of NSF H1, Halal, Kosher, Pareve, and is registered in Canada.


Sullair 24KT™ was the first long life compressor fluid introduced to the market many years ago. It still carries the longest operating life of any fluid available today.


Sullube® is a Polyglycol based lubricant that has been the mainstay of the Sullair fluid family for over 25 years. Sullube® has performed flawlessly in over 50,000 compressors for more than 150,000,000 hours.

Long life expectancy—Perfect for annual change interval.


Sullair takes pride in providing the best rotary screw compressor fluids in the industry. All of our fluids are designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of today’s compressors in a multitude of environments.

Down Stream Filters

System operators and maintenance personnel go to great lengths to keep air compressors clean and operating at peak efficiency. However, all too often the plant air system the compressor is feeding is neglected.

Air Filters

The inlet air filter is the most important filter in the compressor. By stopping contaminants at the intake filter, the system is kept cleaner, extending the life of the compressors and all other components in the system.

Fluid Filters

Sullair fluid filters are designed and engineered specifically for use in rotary screw air compressors while most “will-fit” filters found in the marketplace are designed for the automotive industry.


At Sullair, our design and engineering teams ensure that the parts used in our compressors are of the highest quality, providing years of trouble-free performance. That is why when it comes to replacement parts, it is essential to only use Genuine Sullair replacement parts.